Celebrating 50 years!

Our Scout group has a proud history spanning back to the early 1900s - however we disbanded for a while due to lack of members, but not one to give up we were re-constituted as a Group on the 23rd October 1970.

The picture to the right shows our original Form C that was filled in and submitted to Scouting HQ at Gilwell Park. As you can see we were originally meeting at the Primary School in Mayfield Road - now Cherrywood Community Primary School.

To celebrate this special milestone we have done a number of things. Firstly we decided to update our Neckerchiefs which have been a plain red. After looking at a number of options and getting clearance from our District colleague, we decided to go for adding a simple one-inch purple edging which gives a lovely stripy effect when rolled and worn around the neck.

Next, we decided to get a special occassional badge made so we have something to remember this year by. In order to make this badge extra special we ran a competition with all our members asking them to come up with a design which incorporated the scout logo and mentioned either 6th Farnborough Scouts or the "Trailblazers!". We have over 65 entries, and the Committee poured over all of them - eventually whittling it down to one winner.

The new Neckerchief and Occassional badge were presented to all our members at our virtual AGM which was held on the 5th July 2020 over Zoom.

Our winner shows off her design for our 50th year celebration occassional badge

Our winner shows off her design for our 50th year celebration occassional badge and the new Neckerchief

Picture credits : Photo by Adi Goldstein is used under Unsplash licence | All other images © 6th Farnborough Scouts