About the group

We are a registered charity, offering Scouting to children aged 6 to 14 years old. This is done via three Sections and is dependent upon age. Our Beaver colonies are for children aged 6 to 8 years, our Cub pack is for 8 to 10.5 year olds, and our Scout troop is for 10.5 to 14 years olds.

We run Scouting activities as per The Scouts Association (TSA) guidelines and format, including the awarding of badges after activities to earn them are completed. All our leaders and Executive committee members are DBS checked, and we adhere to strict safeguarding criteria as laid out by the TSA.

All our Leaders and Executive Committee members are volunteers, and they offer their time freely to help today's young people build their confidence and develop #skillsforlife. We do this through a range of activities including (but not limited to!):

  • Outdoor activities - such as camping, night hikes, orineteering and expeditions
  • Hands-on activities - such as learning first aid, cooking, science experiments, pioneering etc.
  • Hands-off activities - such as guest talks, visits, discussions etc, and
  • Community activities - such as fundraising for good causes, helping in the local community, raising awareness

We do this in a safe and inclusive environment, embracing all faiths and abilities.

Charity status

As a registered Charity we are bound by the Charities Act, and are required to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year to report to the Group what we've been up to and how the finances are doing. It is important that as many parents and guardians of the children attend this meeting, otherwise we can not vote in members to the Committee or vote through other measure the Committee needs to be approved. It is also your opportunity to ask questions of the Leaders and the Executive Committee if you have any and for everyone to get an answer.

Friends of 6th Farnborough Facebook group

To help parents/guardians of our members we have set up a closed Facebook group called Friends of 6th Farnborough Scouts Group. Only adults who have children in our Group will be able to join this closed group. This group is a great way for you to communicate with other parents/guardians, to check on times or maybe arrange a lift share to meetings. We also love to see pictures of your children doing work towards their badges or taking part in activities such as the camp at home etc.