Frequently asked questions

  1. How often do children attend meetings?
    All Sections meet once a week on different days, and only during school term times. For safeguarding reasons we do not readily advertise which days Sections meet.
  2. Where do we meet?
    For safeguarding reason, we do not advertise where we meet on this website. However we operate in the Cove area of Farnborough in Hampshire.
  3. Does my child have to make a promise to God when they are invested?
    No. Although the traditional "promise" children make when joining a Section within our Group does mention God, there are alternative promises children can use. Simply make your feelings known to your Section Leader before your child is invested.
  4. Does it cost anything?
    Yes, we currently charge £45 a term, per child. While all our volunteers give their time freely, and we are a registered charity - fundraising only brings in so much money to the Group - we still have to maintain the facilities we use (we are extremley fortunate to have our own meeting hut). In addition The Scouts Association (TSA), operates on a number of levels, and levy fees at both a Central HQ and District level. We have to pay these out of the subscription fees you pay us.
  5. Do we have to pay fees before my child attends a meeting?
    No, you will only be expected to pay fees once your child is invested into the Group. All children are offered a trial period of up to four-weeks to ensure they are settled and happy. Scouting may not be for everyone, and/or the child may not feel comfortable within our Group. In such cases we can suggest other Scouting Groups in the area that may be a better fit for your child.
  6. Where can I buy the uniform?
    Many local school uniform shops supply Scouting uniform or you can buy it online. Some of the local shops near to us are:
  7. Where do I sew on the badges!?
    Where a badge goes on the uniform depends on the type of badge. Information on which badge goes where can be found on The Scouts Association website.
  8. What is OSM?
    OSM is our Online Scouting Management tool that we use to manage our Scouting activities. It can be accessed from here. We use OSM to store information about your child for the purpose of Scouting in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) guidelines, and information will only be kept whilst they are part of our Group. You will not receive emails from 3rd parties. OSM is used for (but not limited to): recording progress of work towards badges; communicating via email to parents; managing on-line payments for subscriptions, camps and special actvities. It is also used by Leaders to plan their programme of activities, and parents can view and/or import this into their own calendars.

Picture credit : Photo by Andrea Piacquadio is used under Pexels licence.