Returning to face-to-face scouting

There are four rediness levels in the return to face-to-face meetings guidance - moving from red, to amber, to yellow, and finally green - where normal meetings will resume. Please see section 3 of The Scouts Association document Getting back together safely for more information about each rediness level.

Current rediness levels

Scouting in England


How we will move through the rediness levels

  1. Firstly, The Scouts Association, following government-approved guidance for the youth sector developed by the National Youth Agency (NYA) must move "England" to the next rediness level. We can then work towards achieving this level at a Group level
  2. Each Section Leader will need to write a risk assessment following the Scouts Association guidelines, detailing how they will ensure a safe environment for both the children and adults and what mitigations will be put in place in order to operate at the next level
  3. The Group Scout Leader and Chairman of the Executive Committee of our Group will review the risk assessments for each Section and sign them off. They are then sent to the District Level of Scouting for approval - in our case this is the Blackwater Valley District Team
  4. If District level approve the risk assessment then that Section of our Group can move to the next level.

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